Trucks & Trailers

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Walking floor

A walking floor trailer is a specialist trailer and is ideal for transporting very large or bulky items. This trailer style is commonly used for home renovations and landscaping projects. The hydraulically controlled floor system (walking floor or moving floor) moves the load outwards while the driver controls the operation from a safe distance.


Low Loader Trailer

Our low loader is perfect to transport products and machinery. It is made for the heavy machinery which needs to be transported in the safest way.




Curtain side

A curtain side trailer is essential a flat bed truck with square frames along the sides. This skeletal structure creates false walls and a roof where a tarp can be tightly secured around.





Fridge Trailer

A refrigeration trailer is the quick and easy solution for the mobile fridge storage of perishable foods and drinks. They are ideal for weddings, parties, caterers, hotels and restaurants, butchers, farmers’ markets, game shoots and public events, or as mobile emergency back up.